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Thank you for this very nice meeting!

Many of the drivers enjoyed the journey to the meeting while crossing the Alpes.

Anreise helen Tunnel de Tende
Peters XT The Alpes Tunnel de Tende

4 campings were occupied by XT-drivers from 7 countries.
Here are the campings:

650 promenade Georges Clémenceau, 06540 Breil sur Roya, FRANCE
Tel.: 04 93 62 47 04 (Sommer) · Tel.: 04 93 04 99 76 (Winter) · Fax: 04 93 04 99 80


camp breil Bungalow 4
Entrance camping Breil-sur-Roya Camping Bungalow 4
XT500 everywhere Lippi Jule Klaus
XT, XT, XT ... Camping Stammtisch Nürnberg
evening camp breil Würzburg
Mainz and Trier Nürnberg and Göttingen Schweiz and Würzburg


Route de la Pia, 06430 Tende Saint Dalmas
, FRANCE, Tel.: 04 93 04 76 08

entrance tende with xt500 XTs on left XTs on right
Entrance Tende XTs on the left XTs on the right

Quartier Barbanin, 06540 FONTAN, FRANCE
, Tel.: 0033(0)4 93 04 52 02

fontan xt500 XTs in Fontan
Camping Fontan Pfalz meets Fontan Swiss camp in Fontan
Camp in Fontan XT500 Fontan
Camping Fontan from the road Camping Fontan Dinner in Fontan

Route de Moulinet 06 380 SOSPEL - FRANCE - Tél 04 93 04 10 48
E-mail : Camp@camping-sainte-madeleine.com
xt500 camp in Sospel XTs on left UK in France
Camping Sospel XT-Shop in Sospel UK in France

We met at different spots in the area to see the other drivers from the other campings.

Meeting Point Colle de Tende I
Wednesday, 21.07.2010, 12.00 h

Thank you Rüdesheim XT500 meeting on Colle de Tende many XTs on the top
XT500 Flag at Colle de Tende XT500 Meeting in the casern more and more XTs arrive
XT500 at Fort Central The Wave overview ancienne casern
here we are 1 ... 2 ... 3... the wave the entrance

Meeting Point Mt. Gouta I
Thursday, 22.07.2010, 15.00 

xt500 flag on ktm XTs everywhere XTs on parking
KTM used as a XT500 flagholder XT-parking on Mt. Gouta reachable onroad and offroad
relax in the sun relax in the sun many XT-500 arrive
relax in the sun relax in the sun XT-parking on Mt. Gouta
XT500 Schmiddo and Stephan XT drivers have a drink
XT-parking on Mt. Gouta Schmiddo and Stephan have a drink
XT-500 XT500 XTom and Merry
Dirk, Johny, Werner XT-parking on Mt. Gouta XTom and Merry prepare to ride

Due to the riders been spread over 4 campings we arranged meeting points in the mountains every day.

Meeting Point Casterino I
Friday, 23.07.2010, 13.00 h

xt500 flag at casterino XT-Shop in Casterino
XTs on parking
Meeting at Casterino XT-Shop and Sandra XT-Shop of Clemens and Angelika
XT 500 arrives at Casterino meeting XT500 clothes
XTs arrive at Casterino relax in the sun XT-Shop of Clemens and Angelika
parking almost too small XT-500 lunch in casterino
XT-parking at Casterino XT-parking at Casterino lunchtime

Like on all the international meetings we had our ride out all together on Saturday.

The Ride Out on Saturday
Saturday, 24.07.2010, 10.00 h

XT-500 col de vescavo
XTom and his speeches
ride out meeting point Col de Vescavo between Breil and Sospel XTom talks too much
more than 120 XTs arrive
Orga Kids ride out
more than 120 XTs arrive Orga Kids 10:30 h we have the start
Xt500 ride out going up to Col de Turini like ants
konvoi in Sospel going up to Col de Turini
like ants on the road
XT konvoi higher and higher rest
more than 1 km XTs in a row Circuit de couverte l'Authion Cabanes Vieilles
drinks rest line up for food
drinks and baguette sunshine, mountains and XT500 line up for food and drinks
The group
our ladies on XT500 continue the ride offroad XTs offroad
our ladies on XT500 continue onroad or offroad ... ... back to the Roya valley
XTs off the road XTs off the road XTs off the road

Meeting Point Colle de Tende II
Monday, 26.07.2010, 15.00 h

2nd XT500 meeting Fort Central
Colle de Tenda
inside Fort Central
2nd XT500 meeting Fort Central next to Fort Central inside Fort Central

Meeting Point Mt. Gouta II
Tuesday, 27.07.2010, 12.00 

2nd XT-500 meeting Mt. Gouta
meeting at Mt. Gouta again
2nd XT-500 meeting Mt. Gouta XT-parking on Mt. Gouta lunchtime

Meeting Point Casterino II
Wednesday, 28.07.2010, 16.00 h

2nd XT-500 meeting Casterino
Dirt Girls in the sun
2nd XT-500 meeting Casterino Dirt Girls in the sun still some XTs around

The area is well known for some very nice dirt tracks along the border between France and Italy.
Most tracks were built for military reasons.
The participants were supplied with some information about those tracks
and they were free to drive them whenever they wanted to.

Piste de Marguareis
(Ligurische Grenzkammstraße)

south entrance XT500 rest Horxt
entrance south Johny Group Horxt
group Pas du Tanarel Mt Saccarello
Björn2 Group Pas du Tanarel Monte Saccarello
Johny Peter great rest
coffee moon Peter rough track
headlight broken
rest broken headlight the best part the best part

Tour Mt. Agnolino

Tour to Mt. Agnolino Birgit  arrives inside the bunker

Tour Mt. Gouta

Tour to Mt. Gouta seaview real rough track

Tour Col de Sanson south

Col de Sanson Gino Stany

Tour Mt. Crosso

group inside the Blockhouse
Tour to Mt. Gouta a real big bunker inside the bunker

XTs onroad and offroad

Denis onroad
Constantin onroad Denis onroad Dirk offroad
Doris offroad Gino offroad Johny offroad
Doris offroad Gino offroad Johny offroad
Klaus Kloess offroad Kurt offroad
Klaus onroad Klöss offroad Kurt offroad
Lippi Merry offroad Peter offroad
Lippi onroad Merry offroad Peter offroad
Schappo Stef offroad Werner offroad
Schappo offroad Stef offroad Werner offroad

some of the drivers

Horxt and Johny
Kurt Rainer
HorXT (A) and Johny (B) Kurt (A) Rainer (D)
Sandra Werner Karsten and Klaus
Sandra and Lasse Werner Karsten and Klaus
Olli Schappo und Alex Bjoern und XTom
Olli Schappo and Alex Björn and XTom

Klöss' accident

kloess accident
Kloess is pulled up
Klöss hit a stone badly and fell downhill 8 riders pulled with two ropes ... ... and another 4 drivers held the XT.
Jo's accident

jos accident
Jos XT is pulled up
Jo hit a rock badly and fell 17m downhill A Quad came to help with a winch. So the XT came back to the path.


The Orga-Team

Björn1, Björn2, Claus, Schmiddo, XTom, Rammel

Björn1  Björn 2  Claus  Schmiddo  XTom  Rammel

Written by XTom, 31.08.2010